The Thomas Jordan Band

Behind the Songs

Day by Day

When we hear a song, we sometimes wonder, 

"What made the songwriter write this song? Is it based on a true story?"

May you be touched as you listen to the music and read the stories...behind the songs.  


These songs reflect real people with real-life circumstances. For example, this song Without Your Love represents the first part of my life in which I was taught and believed I was responsible for making things happen and that I was in control of my destiny. Educated in the sciences, I would always look at things in a scientific and analytical way. In my search for real solid answers, a pastor friend of mine told me I couldn't explain this faith issue scientifically. You'll just have to take a step of faith and believe it. Eventually I did and realized that in taking that step in Faith, the Lord was able to reveal Himself to me. In surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, my spiritual eyes were opened to the revelation of Truth found in the gospels. Then I realized what true Love is. It is His Love. The love that I had been without. 

The Struggle of   THE RESTLESS AGE

As a tribute to our youth, the song, Restless Age, was selected for the project. Written by David Grow, this song is about a time in his life when he had many questions with few solid answers. This song is about the search to find Truth. Where there is no clear direction other than worldly influences in our lives, the restlessness continues to obfuscate the Truth in our lives. As a result, divorce, dissent, dishonor, suicide, drugs and lack of respect for authority takes root in our children and youth. At the end of this song the repeating phrase, If you look for Me you'll find Me was put into the outro. This is the still, small voice that keeps calling. Check it out.

The Heart of   LEAD YOU HOME

I was at a father and daughter retreat with my youngest daughter, Angela, and the speaker declared, "If you want to see what is wrong with America today, take a look at the fathers." Wow! That hit me like a brick. Lead You Home is about when a father abandons his family, it collapses. This is about a father who left his two sons and wife when the boys were young. They heard their father say, "God will just have to take care of these kids because I can't." Then he was gone, no whisper, no word. When both the boys were in their teens, they took that step of Faith and the chain was broken. Now their prayer is that their father will hear that same loving voice of God calling him to, Let Me lead you home. 

The Spirit of  DAY BY DAY

In keeping with the principle that the Lord is sovereign, the song, Day by Day, was born. David's piano track was developed into a melodic song, which reminds me that in our daily struggle we need to focus on His power and Grace. Day by Day is a pop praise song which has been receiving a lot of radio attention. It is the predominant theme of the record. As we struggle forward in our Christian walk, it is not the easiest road, and it is the path that leads to true self worth. In fact, it may be the hardest road, but it is the best road. Day by Day features DD Howard and Joanna Carlson's amazing vocal talent and Greg Bissonette's intricate drumming.

The Strength of  YOU AND ME

One of my favorite quotes is this: "Life does not necessarily build character, it exposes it!" Kind of lets us know what we are made of, right? Such is true with relationships, especially between a husband and wife. You and Me is about strength and commitment to Christian love in marriage. If we build our marriages on this commitment, we can ride out every storm. David and I were going to see the movie, "The Perfect Storm" one night and we opted to go back to the studio and wrote this song instead.

The Plight of  DANIEL

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching story that I have ever heard was my friend, Daniel's. A talented singer and songwriter, Daniel, was out playing a concert one evening when the police showed up. They informed him that his wife and three young boys had perished in a fire at their home due to a faulty water heater. I do not understand how a person could ever get through something so tragic without strength through faith. Well, for many years Daniel has put up barriers and has distanced himself from those that love him. Daniel made it through but he still carries the burden of this sad loss. The theme in Daniel is unforgiveness. The Lord forgives and forgets, as far as the East is from the West. We are the ones who sometimes cannot forgive, especially when it comes to forgiving oneself. My prayer was that Daniel would hear this song, (which he has) and that the healing would begin. This song if for all those who have experienced a heart-breaking tragedy.

The Joy of  ONE MORE DAY

The stories of each of our lives is continually unfolding and being written. Every major and minor event down to the smallest detail. There is a verse that says, Children are an heritage of the Lord. Another says, Raise up a child in the way he should go and in the end, he will not depart from it. I believe one of the main ways God writes our story is through our children. This was the theme behind One More Day. Children are so incredibly precious in His eyes, and so must they be in our own lives. They are truly a blessing and through them our legacy is written. We need to savor each memory and each day with our children and grandchildren. It isn't long and we will all be saying, just give me one more day. This song is dedicated to our children and yours.

The Cry of  I'LL TRY

One of the most powerful topics of our time is abortion. This affects so many families. Each life is so precious in the Lord's eyes, yet we seem to have reduced it to an issue of convenience, a matter of selfish choice. A choice that one can exercise as if human life was some sort of an expendable commodity! The song, I'll Try was written from the viewpoint of the father trying to go on, knowing that the child who was aborted will never be a part of his life. There are acts in one's life that cannot be fixed. Some acts and choices are final. Abortion is one of those acts only the Lord can and does. The Lord can and will forgive us if we ask Him, but the pain of never hearing that little voice never goes away.  

The Gift of  YOU ARE THE ONE

Lord, You are the One was the last song written for the project. We had written a very fast-paced, up-tempo song but replaced it with this one. Lyrically, this is an inspirational song taken from the Psalms. This song proclaims the garden and the door that we need to walk through to gain entry to His power and Love. This song is dedicated to little Malia Kae Rigler, the one-year- old daughter of Eric and Jill Rigler, who died suddenly while at day care a few years ago. Eric has added the uillean pipes on this song and is featured in two other songs on this CD. David Salinas does the intricate drumming on this track.


In a world that does not often differentiate the difference between darkness and light, we need to be a beacon of hope. That is our calling. The impetus behind the song My Love's Alive, an acoustic flavored up-tempo song, is that even when in such a world shattered dreams and disillusionment abound, 

A Scottish Farewell

As this record progressed, many of the players that were featured had solo and over-dub tracks that unfolded into signature sounds. One of those very talented and featured players was Eric Rigler of the Bad Haggis band. As he was warming up the uillean pipes to play on Without Your Love, he came up with the this little ditty, which we titled A Scottish Farewell. Eric's talents are well known. He is featured on the soundtracks of Titanic and Braveheart as well as recordings with Phil Collins, Celine Dion and many other national artists. 

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